Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eavesdropping... a feature of this office, with its three separate doors all opening into different spaces...and, frequently, people working and conversing in all three.

The parish IT Guy is working with his good buddy, not Mad Dog, another good buddy, installing CABLE as wireless internet is not all that practical given the amount of BRICK in the establishment. From time to time they give tongue, upon discovering some new eccentricity in the architecture.

Envelope Secretary comes by and gives Wonder Secketry the gears because of her use of the Rambler's lovely pink angle-arm reading lamp (from IKEA, yet)...the old ceiling fluorescents in Outer Office being v. feeble and flickery. Apparently it takes more Anglicans than we can muster at the moment, to change a light bulb, or to change THESE light bulbs.

My face is still about half-frozen, adding to the chill dignity of my demeanour no doubt. Temporary crown installed, lower left.

Briefing Wonder Curate to tackle an end-of-life pastoral situation rapidly approaching... as I am about to betake myself into the pointy bits of Adjacent Province for about a week.

Time to do another small binge of clean-up, here.

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Terri said...

going away for some "me" time? or work?