Wednesday, September 16, 2009

remedially speaking

Well I have been working on a number of remedies for the Advanced Mully-grubs which have been afflicting me for the last week or ten days.

The sight of dapper, blue-blazered elderly gentlemen (with rows of gongs halfway to their elbows), coping with the ravages of arthritis and the like...helps. Especially when recollecting that they were very much present, though in less festal garb, on Juno Beach on the 6th of June, 1944. (Juno Beach is the one John Wayne DIDN'T liberate, in case you wondered.) The South Prairie Province Regiment Veterans were in our midst on Sunday morning, as part of their reunion weekend. They unveiled a plaque. They laid a wreath. They beamed at the preacher. It all helped.

The Rambler had said grace at the regimental dinner on Saturday night. This helped too.

What else...large unexpected donations from persons who are happy with the way their mom's memorial service was conducted. They help.

And it's no bad thing to have Baroque Trumpet as going-to-work music on the CD player in the morning, either.

Topped off with some very demanding teaching, well received, and a healthy chunk of chocolate cake at lunch time today.

Health is on the horizon.


sue said...

Glad to hear it. And you can add a room of delighted ladies and one encouraged and edified young priest!

Crimson Rambler said...

ho! hello there! it made some sort of sense this morning, then?

Tim Chesterton said...

And you can add to that the respect of another one of your colleagues - yours truly, that is...

Jim said...

ALL good things. The said regiment seems to be showing up regularly. Are you becoming the Regimental Church?

The teaching is good, too. I just spoke to a retirees club in the Village and it went very well. First time in years I've spoken to people who weren't liable to be charge if they didn't pay attention, so there was some apprehension. But it was good.