Friday, January 15, 2010


at the conclusion of a very quiet and pleasant day.

This is one of the days when I think the Old Lady game is Da Bomb...

Got up at a reasonable hour; checked in on email, FB, and my bookmarks; had a nice bath and shampoo and strolled over to Local Stellar Hairdresser for a very overdue cut.
Trundled home again and had some lunch, wrote my final Rector's Annual Report for the end-of-the-month Annual General Meeting; and then had a very nice nap until it was time to get up and negotiate some supper.


What IS hard, this the news out of Haiti.

Father, I have learned
that one strong
in calculation
is called a
You are the greatest mathematician
because You can
count all the people
yet still see
each one of us.

From God Is No Stranger, published by Baptist Haiti Mission in 1987, ninth printing April 1990


Terri said...

It is so sad, what is going on in Haiti...and all the more so for those children that were in the adoption process...many prayers for those families and all others.

Crimson Rambler said...

we have a v. dear young friend studying at Wartburg Seminary in Dubuque -- her 3 closest friends were on placement in Haiti and only 2 are coming home...the Mounties have a longstanding assignment in Haiti, training local police forces...and they aren't all coming home either...
a good video on Anglican Cafe on the theodicy of it all.