Monday, September 6, 2010

commentary on the statu in quo...

Found this, this week, in TLS in Hugo Williams' "Freelance" column.

The first half of your life you spend assembling loved objects for some imagined "This is it", but the "it" never arrives, because when you get there you feel more like getting rid of it. Is it because the old travel faster and have transferred their objects to memory, to lighten the load? Is it streamlining and simplification for a simpler age? Or could it be that we have started, in the gentlest way imaginable, to forget what these things were and what they once meant to us?

Books are the hardest things to get rid of because of their closedness and changeability. It isn't enough to hate a book for you to get rid of it: you might need it some time for that very reason.

That pretty well sums it up, I think...

An interesting weekend -- wisdom tooth got rowdy with me Saturday night, sleeplessness NOT a good foundation for preaching but church went well and the rush of preaching sidelined the face-ache and optical migraine and other petits maux pretty effectively.

M-the-Paint is here altering the colour--or rather, colours--of Tether's End, a happy end-of-summer project.

There will be SPORTS presently on television...ironing...and the book group meets this evening, we defy calendars.

Happy Labour Day all -- may you have the weather you need to do the things you want!


Terri said...

the day has gotten progressively overcast, thankfully we got the dogs to the dog park early. Now all can rest and enjoy a quiet day.

Crimson Rambler said...

wonderful. My painter is here and to my astonishment he gummed out the blocked eavestroughs and secured their attachment to the eaves, BLESS HIM.
I have finished the ironing ... and gone 6 hours w/o Tylenol...must do something quietly productive before I go off to lead the women's book group at 6:30.

Jim said...

Liquid filled capsules of Ibuprophen are the absolute last word in toothache management. I know whereof I speak.