Sunday, June 5, 2011

peaceful Sunday

The Rambler is currently in charge of things -- in the Pickwickian or ecclesiastical sense -- at St. Curious, in the absence of FabRector on vacation (and attending a conference).
Interesting challenge this morning, though, in addition to the usual liturgical hurdles, homiletic tasks, pastoral demands.
Message from FabRector night before last, by way of Social Utility, that she has "received an offer of marriage." And said yes.
Now this comes as a surprise to exactly no-one. Including the Wise Wednesday Women of St. Curious. Who have been 'pumping' the Rambler mercilessly for details about FabRector's "beau." Mainly, about whether the Rambler APPROVES of this arrangement. Reassured on that count, they promised, "All right then, we'll get to work to WARM UP to him."
FabRector's "beau" managed to keep the good news to himself for a very brief period of time before making it public on Social Utility.
So now -- does the Rambler make an announcement this morning? or play dumb? and what if somebody says, "Hey! I hear..." What will be the tactful response?
Working on the principle that people need to be given the opportunity to Tell Their Own News, I opted for silence. So far, so good. We have Social Utilitarians among the parishioners, but not many.
If we can maintain this "lull" through the Wednesday morning get-together, we will be home free.
And then the wedding planning, shrieking with excitement etc., can begin in earnest.

Never dull, never.


BobMacActual said...

By coincidence, met the beau of a very, very dear friend for the first time on Sunday. Mind seriously clouded by recurring memory of Alison Hannigan in Buffy, delivering the Complete Moron's Guide to Chatting Up Vampire Slayers, ending with, in exactly the same sweet tone and earnest manner:
"And if you ever hurt her, I'll beat you to death with a shovel. A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend"
But I daresay I'm the only one who thinks that way...

Crimson Rambler said...

sounds like the Apache Wedding Counsel in "The Gift of Cochise" treat wife bad, you die slow...

Stealthy Dachshund said...

So what did you do?

Anita Mathias said...

Wow! A parish with two women in charge! How lively!