Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just a minute, has anybody seen Wednesday anywhere?

 Well, this was fun, sort of... the day started out clear and bright and warm -- I admired it carefully through the window and then  flattened out again on the couch and, basically, slept all day.  Tottered out in the evening to hear a presentation on things Franciscan...which was stimulating and fun and interesting.  Not everybody among those attending altogether oriented toward what was being discussed or how it was being discussed.  There's a distinction, for sure, between, "open to learning more about" and "determined to get to the bottom of" -- and those who are fielding the questions are clearly aware of the difference.

Then I came home, pausing only at them there Arches to pick up a "meal," using the term loosely.  There are just times when nothing but fat, salt, and phosphoric acid will do the trick.

I think, I hope, I pray, that the "Ask the Matriarch" is recognizably posted for the morning... and so to bed, tomorrow being also a day.

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