Tuesday, August 26, 2014

hitting the road....

Going out to the car for a fast loop through the closest shopping mall, pharmacy, bank, coffee shop, and then back into the now-packed vee-hickle and THE OPEN ROAD.  

By tonight I should be back in my calf-country, or one segment of it, and snugged down in the motel I've been returning to for, oh, the better part of 40 years off and on.  Not every year, but most.  And then into the hot springs.  Soaking out the aches and pains and perhaps some of the Original Mean.

Hoping to make some gentle side trips away from my base of operations, north or south in the great Columbia Trench, tallying up the visible osprey population, drinking Fair Trade Coffee -- the whole East Kootenay region floats atop a gigantic seething reservoir of Fair Trade Coffee, I believe.  Other places have magma etc., they have coffee.

"Sat" the elder granddaughter last night, Thing One, and we discussed our summer travels; she was quite sure she could "come with" Grandma to the mountains and just maybe we would see a BEAR.  Apparently she canvassed this possibility with her parents over breakfast this morning also.  One of these days, I told her.  One of these days!

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Amy+ said...

This sounds like such a fun trip & I'm glad you had a reveal meet-up. Taking Thing One along would be a fun addition, but I'm sure it would change the tenor of the journey. Miss you!
Commenting on all those in my blog roll today - hoping for a khaki hat! #rallyrevgals