Monday, June 29, 2015

All Monday, all day long

That picture has nothing to do with my day except that it may help at some point to remember there IS such a place and the Rambler HAS walked up and down those stairs, 'way back when.

A lengthy evening  yesterday -- rushed out of here, rushed back again to collect the shopping bag full of CRACKERS, to the pharmacy to collect my prescription, at which point the comedy really got under weigh.

I have come to a point where I appreciate -- and increasingly -- the presence of PHARMACISTS in my life...the consulting-pharm at my GP's clinic, the local pharm I consult when I need an immunization of some sort (immunizations are his passion, and he's very good at administering them), and a number, a gaggle, a constellation of pharms at the Major Retail Outlet where my prescriptions are on file.  A varied and multicultural crew.  I love them, I do.  

The last time I had a transaction, "Ahmed," which is not his name, bore a chart of medications in hand when he brought me my pills.  "Time for your Medication Review," he told me, sternly.  I fobbed him off on the excuse I had no time.  "Next time, then," he said, fixing me with a steely eye.  (You must picture my friend Ahmed as apparently ten years old with a vigorous but unconvincing fringe of beard after the manner of his people.)

So last evening was, in fact, "next time."  Evidently I had been Entered In The Computer....because the amiable underling found my little pack of pills and then, without relinquishing them, summoned the Indefatigable Ahmed.  With his blessed chart.  We had our Medication Review, by golly, no option was tendered -- and it was THOROUGH.   He was brooking no resistance from Grammaw, last night.

I find this totally endearing.  

Came home from the ordination -- long, and hot in the Cathedral, but not as crowded in the pews as I was dreading.  I didn't vest, "Hey!" I said, "I'm retired, no way I am putting on all that extra clobber..."  Nice music, good sermon.  Lots and lots of people to say hello to afterward.

Then at home, and managed with an unwary foot to encounter a piece of impedimenta in crossing the darkened living-room...broke the nail, tore the cuticle and obviously popped a little vessel  as well, everything impressively BLACK this morning.  But ambulatory -- up early, took Monday Morning Bone Pill -- started LAUNDRY -- about to get clad and haul off to the dealership for car-service.  Bus pass in hand so I can accomplish some bits of retail mayhem here and there before the car is ready.

Y'all take care.  Or, "stammi bene," out there.  Yes.


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