Monday, September 4, 2017


After a very long silence due to equipment failure...and missing my blog very much indeed -- I'M BAAACK...

And enjoying pretty much Earthly Bliss...a lovely new iPad which I'm just getting acquainted with...a statutory holiday...a tidy house (well, barring a few Fisher-Price antiquities left in the wake of Things #1 and #4, who were here for supper with their Mom last night)...a fridge full of sumptuous leftovers (see above)...sun shining... and an all day TV marathon of my favourite programming--HIGHWAY THROUGH HELL.  And the unequaled Al, assisted by the unequaled Gord,  is putting a four-fold snatch block into play in response to the G**awful mess at the bottom of the very long off road slope...

With, of course, the most beautiful scenery anywhere as a backdrop to all the DRAMA.

And the airbrakes on the object of the exercise are locked (of course: a prominent feature of a Fallen World is locked-up airbrakes) ... in short, "Earth hath not anything to show more fair."

It's good to be back. More, later.