Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Eight Miles Up

Back at my Tuesday desk after adventures in the last week. Last Wednesday in the midst of an errand reeking with self-conscious benevolence, I tripped and sprained an ankle (mine, alas); took Thursday off on doctor's (shouted) orders, and Friday flew off to Neighbouring Prairie City for a weekend conference. There were moments en route when I wondered whether this was a pointless exercise in clerical machismo...but the beautiful venue and the friendly folks present and the whole inspiring experience turned out to be just what I most needed.
Flying home Sunday night at twilight, looking out the window and trying to grasp that we were eight... miles... above the farms visible below us. (Neighbouring Prairie City is just far enough away that air-travellers have about five minutes at this altitude between the end of the climb up'n'out and the beginning of the descent into...) and then watching the yard-lights come on...headlights on the roads...the beautiful sense of work being done, life going on, people coming and going about their business under the vast glowing sky.
Time to get about my own business here; a meeting this afternoon, a Bible study group tonight (Matthew, with help from N. T. Wright), and in between a couple of hospital communion visits.

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