Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Gift of Bi-location

...I think I read it somewhere, is one of the earliest "evidences" of sanctity -- that is, the kind of saintliness that gets recognized with a date in the calendar and maybe even a holy card. It comes just before or just after levitation, I forget which.
It would be a handy charism this weekend -- Thanksgiving celebrations and a statutory holiday on Monday, in these parts. The to-do list looks like one of those three-prong, two-slot blivets; it makes perfect sense, except that it is entirely unworkable.
Today, a baptismal rehearsal at noon, and out to a potluck dinner late afternoon; tomorrow, the two services in the morning, one of them a baptism; the Blessing of Animals in early afternoon; Thanksgiving dinner with offspring, also potluck, late afternoon. And we're out of altar bread. And around these fixed points I have to somehow arrange the following: shopping for ingredients for my potluck contributions, assembling them, finishing tomorrow morning's sermon, assembling a reflection for the Blessing of Animals...and baking a batch of altar bread, which takes two risings. Among the resources at my disposal are three kitchens, variously equipped, one laptop computer (one printer, elsewhere), one car, one sprained ankle...
Never mind! "We can do this" is our cry. Alternatively, "Thy grace is sufficient..."

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