Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Home Stretch

Some more fun from Dave Walker, blessed be he. Find more cartoons you can re-use on your blog from weblogcartoons.com.

I stayed home yesterday, horizontal too, most of the day; I am still feeling the after-effects of the late-September sprained ankle, and Sunday those effects settled in the knee, disastrously...to the point I had to go and filch a stick out of the Sunday School costume cupboard just to be able to get about in the chancel at all.
A parishioner caught up with me in the evening at the annual Choir Party, and lent me the very stylish walking stick her son had made for her, during some bygone incapacitation. Her take on the situation I like: "if we have to be in pain, we can at least be elegant."
So with everybody's urgings ringing in my ears, in four-part harmony, I took Monday off. Our office is closed on Mondays too, nobody picking up phone messages; I had stuffed my pager in the bottom of my bag; and last night at midnight #1 Son said, "Mom, I think your purse is vibrating..."
Oh help. Four ignored messages. Today is catch-up-and-apologize time.
The day's bed-rest was very helpful; and leaving the house this morning I "stepped funny" again and twinged the knee once more...this is so very boring!


Rev.Dulce said...

During my sermon on Sunday, our Advent wreath caught on fire. It was an exciting service.

My prayers for the knee. I have similar issues but haven't used crutches in years.

Crimson Rambler said...

I saw the note on your blog, about the Advent wreath catching fire! Exciting indeed! We have a nice new Advent wreath stand, with a big dish top like a crokinole board, a weighted base...but we never put "greens" on it so there's really nothing to catch fire.

Jan said...

Glad you rested on Monday, but be careful when you're up and about! Use the elegant cane!!

more cows than people said...

good for you for resting.

great cartoon.

sorry about the twinged knee. ouch.

Diane M. Roth said...

I think we all need "horizontal days" sometimes