Thursday, December 6, 2007


Celebrated St. Nicholas this morning with my minimum Thursday morning congregation. One of whom said, as she often does, "I do wish a lot more people would come to this service" but then she went on "But isn't it NICE when it's just us?"
And this was a morning when "nice" was at a premium, I admit. I'd just opened an email from a parishioner who went AWOL some time ago, without explanation; in response to my enquiry as to where and how she is, I got a tirade. In the interests of not whining, I'll omit the details -- other than that I'm accused of "grimacing" when, at a recent Bible study, she launched into a disquisition on auras, and people who are gifted and can see them etc. etc. Apparently my facial expression convicted me of being "ignorant and closed-minded."
I hurt. And I was glad of some "nice."
And I'm glad of blogging friends too. (If any of you are into auras, I apologize! and I assure you I'm holding my face very straight! Nary a twitch!)
We are promised a break in the weather by Sunday, it will be welcome.


more cows than people said...

i got an icky e-mail tonight too.

blech, blech, blech.

glad there was niceness this morning.

and over auras? sheesh.

i don't know what i think of auras, but to leave a church over them?

suzanne said...

A tirade, oh dear. Can't we be kind to each other in all things? Isn't that fundamental to a Christian life? And the irony of it is that you have such a beautiful aura, Crimson Rambler! I can see it from here.

My father was named Nicola for St. Nicholas' Day, even though he was born on the day after. My grandfather was named Nicola for St, Nicholas' Day, which was his birthday. My brother was named Nicholas, but he was born in May. Most of my uncles and male cousins on both sides of the family are named Nicholas. It makes everything simpler that way.

Crimson Rambler said...

Thank you both!
St Nicholas is coming on Sunday at the end of the second service. Purple cope, purple miter, as befit ADVENT...and a nice line of cross-talk...and a sackful of chocolate coins!