Saturday, March 1, 2008

Saturday night...

Well this sermon won't say anything except "arf arf," I I have printed it off and will take it home and work on it a bit more with a pencil, and see if that stimulates thought. I almost typed "simulates thought" -- that would be an acceptable outcome too at this point!

It's going to be about John 9 as one comic episode in the Divine Comedy of salvation...and about "why it's so funny." I will thereby prove -- if nothing else -- that there is nothing so terminally boring as trying to explain why a joke is funny.

But I want to say something about the paradoxes of human senses and human knowing based on the senses, the communal nature of perception, even sense perception, the essential role of commitment, love, handing-oneself-over in real perception, and the way it brings us back over and over to realize that in the midst of our peering and peeking and staring and squinting we are first last and always SEEN ALREADY by the one who made us, redeemed us, sustains us, loves us...

That's about it!

"A quiet night and a perfect end..."

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