Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh, the tedium of it all.

So this was one of those maniacal, super-maniacal weekends: funeral yesterday, with a reception, long unbloggable story attached to that.

Then a wedding rehearsal -- at 7:30, why did I ever agree to such a late one? -- with musicians practising for a recital a week hence right until the very last minute. About 50 people turned up for the rehearsal, some of them even on time. It was basically our modern-language wedding service, with South-East Asian cultural embellishments. After an hour and a quarter of rehearsal, "Oh, we forgot the candle part, we have to do that too..." An inter-cultural compromise of sorts is forged.

Meantime our new cleaning persons had decided this would be the week they would strip and resurface the Upper Hall floor, assuring one and all that it could be accomplished in the twinkling of an eye.

Well, no, because the scratches and gouges turned out to be much deeper than they thought, and long ineffably boring story made short, it meant that TODAY, with this very large wedding at 12:30, they had to resort to the old-fashioned drum the Upper Hall is off limits, and the upper corridor is impassible with stacked furniture, and everything, but everything is covered in sander-dust.

Picture, if you will, a bridegroom and four groomsmen in black suits. Yes.

In the meantime there are complications with the wedding families' post-wedding lunch set-up in the Lower Hall;

And just to keep the pot a-boiling, visiting choir is in intense rehearsal mode for their Monteverdi concert tonight.

They swoop back into the church as the last notes of Mendelssohn are dying away, neck and neck with the Altar Guild who need to change all the paraments back to GREEN; for tomorrow...and here come the wedding party, "it's too blusterous out there to take pictures, can we take them in the church???" Halt the taking down of white hangings.

And somewhere in all this FUN...the Rambler's handbag went out of her office. Yes. Again. This time with ALL its contents. Some of them valuable and some of them precious.

I'm tired of this, tired of this work, tired of this place, and frankly, tired of these people. I'm going home.


Terri said...

OMG!!! I'm so sorry this happened's just insane! All of it, but especially the purse part...

Auntie Knickers said...

Oh, no. You need the vestry to buy you a safe. This is just not fair.

Kate Morningstar said...

CR, I'm so sorry. Blessings to you, and a decent night's sleep, I hope.

Kathryn said...

Meh...that's altogether miserable.
I hope you got a good night's sleep, enjoy Monteverdi (must confess to a pang of jealousy,even as I reeled at the horror of your Saturday, when I read that you've a concert looming in your church) and emerge from today's worship feeling loved by both God AND his people.
But in case not, have a large hug xxx

Stealthy Dachshund said...

We need a decoy purse with a crazed schnauzer in it for your office.

Auntie Knickers may have a good point, or at least a locking box of some sort with a combination lock.

Jim said...

Okay, that's IT!

How many times is this going to happen before your Wardens wake up and put a lock up in your office?

Apart from your purse, there are certain documents (financials, registers, etc.) that require protection from fire and theft.

Staples Office Depot will sell them a very nice 2 ft(3), 200 lb. floor safe for under $600.

Tell them from one Warden to another that they are *not* meeting the required standard.