Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I have beeeeeen to the mountaintop. Or something.

Well, wow. I have to admit, I did not feel perfectly confident that the American voter, en masse, had the degree of gumption that was exhibited in the results of the presidential election yesterday. I had an awful mental image of goodhearted folks going into the voting booth, and reaching for whatever technology was offered them, and then thinking..."a black man? well.... maybe not...this time..."

Then last night I stayed in the office in case anyone showed up for Bible study (they did, both of them, bless their hearts), and in the meantime I got into watching the live feed (AP via the CBC), all those mesmerizing little red and blue blotches, oh dear. Also in the meantime one of my far-flung nephews bobbed up on "meebo," as he was watching results on Fox TV, back in the Mysterious East. So after Bible study was over I resumed computer watching, and he and I burbled at each other instantaneously for a couple of hours -- we were getting different info at different speeds, of course.

So it was very late when I finally got home, with soup yet to make for the Clericus (regional clergy meeting) here at MH & U today. A double batch of Curried Pumpkin from -- starting with 8 Macintosh apples. I could peel and core them in a bowl on my lap while I watched TV news. That was OK.

But one of my colleagues notified me he can't handle peppers, tomatoes, or onions. I don't understand how a person can survive "no onions." I mean, heavenly days, an onion is what you chop up and cook gently while you're deciding what it IS that you're going to cook, right? Right?

Eventually I found a recipe for home-made cream-of-celery soup, no onion. By now it was just ridiculously late. I got the celery chopped and simmering and while I waited for the liquid in the pot to "reduce"...fell asleep...and did not wake up until I had, candidly, burned the ass off the whole project. I set the pot to soak and went to bed.

Up at 5:30, choppity-chop, got the second try completed successfully and toted soup to church and met with parishioners who are devising Christmas Eve pageant and picked up sandwiches and dessert from the deli counter and got everything to the table, mostly, by noon. I had RSVP's from only about 6 or 7 colleagues and we were, finally, 14. Even with good soup you can only add so much water before Remarks Are Made, heavens.

Got it done, had our lunch and a bit of Bible study for next Sunday and some in-house info around the table and then I had a crew kindly stay behind to load the dishwasher and deal with the pots etc.

Away to the auxiliary hospital for a communion service, plus communion for another patient too ill to come to the meeting place.

And now I am going out for supper.

And that's all.


Kathryn said...

Sounds a good day...giggling gently re our shared approach to catering and the oh-so-essential onion. That's EXACTLY how I cook...The next stage after the onion is, of course, putting on water to boil to cook the pasta ;-)

Auntie Knickers said...

Cream-of-celery soup with no onion sounds yucky, but if anyone could make it taste good it would be you! The curried pumpkin sounds a lot like what we had at the Local Foods potluck after church last Sunday, only ours was made with butternut squash. Yummy! I made Apple Brownies as my local-food-using contribution (there is no chocolate in them, but they are good).
I'm proud of us and very hopeful about the future, although there will be many many challenges ahead.

Patrick C said...

Let's hear it for onions!

Jan said...

My husband doesn't like onions, so I always use half but I still use them.

spookyrach said...

Can you even get into heaven if you don't embrace the onion?