Monday, May 4, 2009

home again

back at my desk late in the morning after a tiring but very happy weekend elsewhere.

word is that the Honorable Assistant held the fort in exemplary fashion on Sunday.

good times among the ladies of the diocese of Up-Yonder...including two long drives from and back to the closest by-air arrival point...coming back to the airport yesterday, a very special stretch of roadway alongside Major Northern River...

beautiful country with big rounded velvety hills and great tracts of plough-land -- farmers out "on it" already doing preliminary disc'ing.

Saw some deer in the distance -- also elk, but that was cheating because they were on an elk ranch.

The ladies were most receptive to discussion of Julian of Norwich, mysticism generally...

And it was a happy time!

Back to 55 unopened emails, also phone messages, 'space-hook' messages...plenty on the plate and a very long and mostly futile meeting this afternoon.

Home now. Maybe a little work in the yard before dark.


Diane M. Roth said...

welcome home!

ramble on, crimson one.

Terri said...

Welcome home again... You are back and now I am gone...drove to deeply spiritual city to the north...have a meeting tomorrow - called "Fresh Start" for newly ordained or those in a new call to come together and talk about transition and leadership...after this 6 hour session I will drive home again (5 hours) the meantime I am drinking a cup of tea and eating an amazing slice of "take-out" chocolate cake...