Sunday, March 18, 2012


Just to update... there are two young ladies in this picture: one of them is my beloved Daughter Unit (aka I Am Chorus), and the other one is HER beloved Daughter Unit, born on Wednesday about 6:30 in the morning, somewhat abruptly, and about a month earlier than scheduled. They are both well, and with continuing good fortune may soon be able to go home from the hospital (where they have been treated with utmost skill and tenderness in the meantime).

The thankful-to list gets longer and longer and longer -- but very prominent on it are the RevGalAunties.

And the Grand-Rambler will now totter off to divine service. There is a rumour of Simnel Cake at some point in the proceedings (not to be TOO carnally-minded about it). Then we'll go see what is what in the postpartum world.


Terri said...

Lovely! Congratulations all around! May all continue to go well, may the be homw soon!

June Butler said...

I've been trying for a couple of days to get over here to congratulate the new grandmother, even as I remember the joy and excitement of our first grandchild. I love all 6 of mine, but the birth of the first is memorable.

My prayers are with baby and mother and all the family, including you, CR.

Love and blessings.