Friday, March 23, 2012


Time to blog seems to have gone somewhere...else -- but here to brighten your day is a glimpse of Beloved Granddaughter Unit (and Beloved Daughter Unit), and BGU is sporting the booties that her Grand-Rambler brought home from BE 5.0 (from "Southern Child" in Riverwalk Mall, to be precise).


that is all.


Terri said...

The booties are adorable, the baby grand daughter is very tiny...and sweet!

Crimson Rambler said...

she is, Terri, although her four pounds are stretched over a 20 inch frame -- "Houston, we have LEGS"... but she's over her birth weight as of yesterday and there are live hopes she'll get home early this week, TBTG

Jan said...

Blessings on the new little one and her family. Lovely photo.

Two of my three sons were 56 cm, that's over 23". One weighed six pounds so I understand about the skin being stretched over the frame. He caught up very quickly on weight and it sounds as if your granddaughter may well do the same.

Sigh, I think I probably have my quota of grandchildren now. (5)

Jan said...

Very sweet.