Tuesday, April 10, 2012

oh blog, poor blog, Mama hung you in the closet...

Long time no blog, over here -- not because there's nothing to blog about, au contraire.

So perhaps it's best to begin with The Best Excuse Ever Found For Not Getting Anything Much Accomplished, Such As Blogging:


AKA Annie-of-my-life, who in this picture is undoubtedly thinking, "Mama, please don't let Grandma buy me any more hats."

Annie came into our lives, as I posted, early on the morning of March 14th, early and somewhat abruptly, and was almost twenty-one inches long, which is a hell of a lot of inches over which to stretch four pounds, one ounce, of girl. A double handful of WRINKLES, is what we had, there.

BUT SHE'S A FIGHTER...and after two weeks in luxurious accommodations with amazing care, she is now home, detached from all monitoring apparatus, taking on her nourishment with entirely becoming greediness, and weighing in as a Great Hulking Amazon of five pounds, yes she IS. The wrinkles are disappearing. Muscles appear in the little face and neck (those excellent taking-on-lunch muscles).

Somewhere in the interim I believe we celebrated various things including Easter? Right? Ring any bells for anybody else? I'm sure that was Easter, there... I hope yours was holy and joyful...too!

More, later.

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Terri said...

Oh so sweet! Beautiful girl. How delightfully destracting...