Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I got the joy, joy, joy, joy....

...down in my heart!

"O Lord now lettest thou thy servant start her CAR, and her mouth shall show forth thy praise..."

and it's only twenty-eight below, folks! I shall have to remove some garments! Have already cast off the long johns! With a glad cry and a great burst of static electricity!

I was awake early, about 5:30, and did some serious thinking about transportation issues, and what I have to do over the next few days, and finally got "outside the box" in, "WHY do I not sally forth and...RENT A CAR with a working block heater?" And answer came there none. So at 7:30 I went out and whispered into the steering wheel, "Hey! Avis tries harder!" and after a minimum amount of ROWROWROWROWR, ignition!!!

Oh this makes everything over the next half-week SO MUCH EASIER.

Last evening a wedding couple came to see me. They had dropped in the week before,"just to see the church," just after I got back from lunch with my Old Guys Fixin' the Kitchen. And at that point I was (too) full of coffee, as I realized after I heard myself motor-mouthing at these kids about the church, and their wedding... but for some reason they were charmed, I guess, because back they came all fired up, and the groom hasn't been baptized but wants to be (Low Sunday, March 30), and probably his brother will want to be baptized as well. And they kept looking at me last night and saying "we are so excited about this." They had a 5:30 appointment and INSISTED on keeping it in spite of the barbaric weather and the fact that the boy had been working outdoors on frozen-up natural-gas installations all day...and at seven o'clock I finally, lovingly, threw them out. I think they'd have sat and beamed at me for another hour.

That is such balm on all the "gnawed" spots! Verily, verily, God is good.

I am putting in a half day today and then skedaddling for home. I have company for supper tonight; daughter, son-in-law, and former-parishioner-now-Lutheran-seminarian in one of those states with a vowel on each end. We are going to talk shop. Big time.


Diane M. Roth said...

hmmm, one of those states with a vowel on one end... I know a couple of those.
glad it's warming up.

John, an unlikely pastor said...

I like the way you capture the sound of a cold car and the prayer to asking for a chance to have it start
thanks for the thoughts

Terri said...

kinda a losing sight of dates...but whether that dinner was this evening or last, I hope it was wonderful...and, glad your car started. We are facing a blizzard - and all the while I keep thinking, in 5 weeks I'll live in Arizona, southern AZ, no more blizzards or sub-zero temps...sigh

Jan said...

Cold, cold, cold. Your posts got me to finally write a snail mail letter to my elderly cousin who lives in Calgary. Thanks. Hope your dinner was good in all respects.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

This post made me LOL! Glad things are looking up.

Kirstin said...


(I'm a friend of Buddhapalian's; bounced over here from Ormonde's place.)