Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Year-End Meme Thingie

This is fun...

September: "Midway through, allegedly, the most productive day of the work week, but not this work week, I can tell."

October: "Back at my Tuesday desk after adventures in the last week."

November:"I had my third appointment this morning early..."

December: "I spent morning and early afternoon at a Quiet Day at a small parish in the outer 'burbs; about a dozen people, which meant everybody could find a hidey-hole of his/her own for the quiet times."

And now it's JANUARY -- Happy New Year, one and all.

We have a wedding this afternoon -- rehearsal yesterday... the bride is a church-person, the groom not so much so; we had a brief informal Communion after the rehearsal yesterday for those so-minded; three readings chosen for this afternoon, ending off triumphantly with John 2 (best story EVER)... and one of the bride's dear friends is one of our new deacons in the diocese, so she is coming to "process" and read the Gospel and generally adorn the chancel.

For a sermon they are getting a precis of the Queen's 60th Anniversary sermon by the Most Reverend and Right Honorable Canter-Bear, his own self. I filch only from the best. (It's worth looking up on his website if you haven't seen it. Very very simple. Well, he WAS preaching to the Royal Family, God love them).

Here is the link.

By the way, the New Year's Eve concert was every bit as fantabulous as expected!


Terri said...

Sounds like a wonderful wedding, and thanks for the link to Williams, it is a fabulous sermon, (of course!)....

Glad the concert was wonderful, too.

Jan said...

Wedding sounds lovely.

Thanks for the link.

Happy new Year!

Cathy said...

Yes, thank you for the link - it was a wonderful sermon!

And wished I could have been there at the concert - I am sure it was heavenly!