Saturday, January 12, 2008

Things I like very much and give thanks for...

Just reflecting on reasons for gratitude, and I have one little one and one big one.

Little one first: coatmakers (or shirtmakers, or whoever) that add a couple of spare buttons somewhere unobtrusive inside the garment. My winter coat and I got involved with a grocery cart the other night while I was stretching and straining to get heavy groceries into the trunk of Harriet. I realized after I'd driven away that I was now short one coat button. MOST UNHAPPY about it too: it makes me feel "derelict." So I was grumbling about having to go and buy a cardful of substitutes and LO! there was a spare!!! All respectable again.

And the big one: the moment when we are confronting a major (five-figure) semi-emergency capital outlay at Most Holy and Undivided (can you say "boilers"?), and I am beginning to hyperventilate, and one of the medium-elderly men of substance in the parish sidles up to me and mutters out of the corner of his mouth, "Don't you worry about this, eh"--they never quite get to the point of saying, "Gotcha covered, babe" -- but the comfort is equivalent. Thank God, Thank God, who puts it into the hearts of his faithful people to give gifts for his service and worship.


Catherine said...

Dear CR:

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am getting better. I also love, not only extra buttons but thread/yarn [especially with sweaters] for the inevitable but occasional mending.

I am going to list you on my blog roll. I like what you have to say and share. Blessings upon your parish and its people.


Terri said...

Recently had a similar experience at small church - it's really great when that happens

RevDrKate said...

Amen to generosity of buttons and boiler repair funds!