Thursday, February 5, 2009

in which the Rambler overhears the ontological question...

Earlier this week the cleaning firm was at work here at MH & U, represented by a daughter of the founding partners in the firm, and her pre-school-aged children.

While Mama vacuumed, the toddlers...toddled. In, out, up, down, and around, and eventually to the open door of the Rambler-Den (the chancel-door, that is; there are three doors to this office altogether. "When I say SCAT, I mean SCAT!"). Dialogue ensued, over the sound of the vacuum cleaner.

"Yes dear..."
"Who DAT, Mama?"
[pause] "Oh that, that's...the Reverend."
[long, long, long pause]

and answer came there none.


Kathryn said...

Puts me in mind of a review my dear father cut out of the Times in the 1950s..."Last night, Miss X sang at the Purcell Rooms. Why?"

Terri said...

really? no words? sad...

Jan said...


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