Friday, February 13, 2009

More kitten stuff...

So last night it seemed like a good idea to see how Nefertiti would respond if I left my bedroom door open.

HA! silly question.

She hopped up on the bed and played a brisk round of "Cobras under the Duvet" while I read* for a bit, but the minute I turned out the reading light, "Right! bedtime it is! Sleeping now! Preferably on your face, Rambler! Hold still, now."

She doesn't purr while she's falling asleep -- or didn't last night, anyhow...but I fell asleep to small breathings and small heartbeats...and by morning she was coiled up, as above, against the back of my neck.

When I stirred, she rose up likewise and sat on top of my head for a while and then decided, while she was there, to chase her did NOTHING for the coiffure, believe me.

*I'm reading a Christmas-present biography of Moses ben Maimon ("Maimonides") and can report I feel much less perplexed already, and I'm only up to about page 100.


Patrick C said...

Excellent! I'm glad to hear that she has progressed to the tail-chasing stage!

Annie's Mom said...


Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

LOL! Funny pictures in my mind as I read...heee heee!

Evelyn said...

Ah, I bet the cat-on-the head was WONDERFUL for the smile on your face, if not for the hairstyle. :~)

Diane M. Roth said...

adorable picture! really makes me miss my cat.

good thing I've got the dog.