Thursday, May 15, 2008


After weeks of saying, "NO I WON'T (and you can't make me)"...I allowed my name to stand for El Supremo of Prairie Metropolis-cum-Hinterland's Council of Churches.

Well, what can I say. I was encouraged. Also pressured. Also I am a Big Wimp.

And we have to do something about ecumenism in this neck of the woods -- for years now we have all been "putting the scowl of resignation on the face of stupidity" (that's an approximate quote from George Macdonald Fraser, Flashman at the Charge), and wagging our heads, and saying to each other, "Well, of course this is the Winter of Ecumenism in these parts, nothing to be done, can't be bothered to try anything, let's meet again next month." And wondering why attendance dwindles.

So here we go. At least now the meetings of Council and of Exec will be here at MH & U, and administrative support supplied by Extraordinary Secketry-Person in the next office. I stopped on my way back here from the Council meeting and bought her a boodle of roses to CELEBRATE her becoming Administrative Secretary...without even knowing about it. She was gracious and supportive. There is some remuneration involved, which helps.

[Pause to capture a bumble-bee with a tea-cup and index card, and toss her safely out the window. Bees always remind me of my curacy...and the afternoon that a posse of elderly ladies arrived in my office, full of dismay, and announced, "Rambler! There is a BEEEEEEEEEE in the church!" Plainly in their view of the universe, it was up to the deacon to deal with BEEEEEEEEES in the church. So I did.]

I think I'll do a bit of organization here and then head for home and work some more on my retreat material (on Jeremy Taylor).

It was summer-hot today...wonderful.


Rev.Dulce said...

Here's to all the bee's in the world (and the bee catchers).

Terri said...

A barely summer hot day here...I mean it is the SW of the USA...a place where the normal date for breaking three digits in temp is May 26...and also the reality that it has not been hot enough for me...considering it has been some where in the low to mid 80's all while I have been expecting it to be about 20 degrees warmer....(all this to say, I really can't bare to use our pool unless it is 90+) is the wimp, I wonder?

Evelyn said...

I love the bee story! It reminded me of my own confirmation, when a couple of bees were buzzing around the group of us kneeling at the altar rail, causing much giggling. Somehow, I think God didn't mind the giggles. :~)