Saturday, May 17, 2008

a fine moment...

After the wedding this afternoon I skibbled over to Major Supermarket with Bakery and found 2 1/4 slab decent looking cakes, one with pink roses, one with blue. After some negotiation I bought them both and was allowed to leave them in the store's cooler for pickup later.

There was an Affable Youth at the bakery counter who took them from me for safekeeping. On the off chance I asked whether it was too late to have anything written on them.

"Well," he said, "I can TRY: I'm not a Normal Cake Person, but I can try." I suggested he was an Extraordinary Cake Person and left him to it, to write "Happy Baptism" on both of them.

At the wedding reception one of my fellow guests asked, "Did you tell him how to SPELL baptism?" and expressed skepticism when I said I thought he could handle it.

Sure enough, the lettering is correct and tidy ... I was congratulating him on being able to spell "baptism."

"Oh hey," he said, "that's no problem, I was raised Catholic, eh? Heck, I can even spell RECONCILIATION!!!"

I laughed all the way back to the church... so thankful for these heart-comforting vignettes!


spookyrach said...


I bet he could even do transubstantiation. (I hope I spelled it right!)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a lovely encounter. He sounds like a very nice young man.

Erin said...