Sunday, December 7, 2008

and away we go

The Mothers against Drunk Driving have just been and done their thing, bless their hearts. Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Prairie Metropolis Police Service in attendance, including a Very Large Piper, who is also on Homicide. He took us in to "Going Home." Very nice too. But he couldn't pipe us out, because he had to go and deal with a ... well, a homicide.

And I am off to a par-tay, possums, at which I shall probably drink nothing more interesting than chocolate milk, having duly laid to heart what was said earlier this afternoon.

I thanked the emergency-services workers and police for the frightful things they see and do on our behalf; I encouraged the work of anti-drunk driving education, reminding one and all that some folks have to hear the message one-on-one; I talked about looking at obituaries and reflecting on all the love that vanishes out of the world when people die, and how those left behind have to step up the lovin' accordingly; and I added to their perception of the benefit of "grief shared" the idea that "love shared is love squared" and then I said a prayer and sat down.

St. Nicholas arrived duly and there was excellent bantering, GREATLY enjoyed by one and all. I handed out left over Nicholas-chocolate to the children at the MADD service.


Terri said...

We had a "wine tasting" at church tonight. I did not sample, for similar reasons...drank delicious water instead....thankfully all the rest were well behaved and moderate....

Crimson Rambler said...

this is good! Especially the well-behaved part!
One of the police officers said yesterday he believes the education program is working, in part...he works "Check Stop" at this time of year (roadblocks where all drivers are checked for impairment) and he says they see more and more cars driven by Designated Drivers, which is a comfort.