Sunday, December 14, 2008

"past three o'clock, on a cold frosty morning..."

Good morning all, it's THIRTY-TWO BELOW Fahrenheit in Ramblerland.

Harriet-the-Echo started like a Good Thing this morning, although for some miles she drove as if carved out of tough wood with a dull knife...

By the way I am amused at the marketing and customer-placating acumen of the wily wizards of Toyota...Harriet went in for her 54K km check-up this week, which turned into six hundred dollars worth of attention to her suspension/steering and more esoteric Vital Fluids (brake and steering) argument there...BUT! I was not allowed to leave until I had accepted a free-gratis state-of-the-art ergonomically-correct Toyota official snow-brush-cum-ice-scraper. Made my whole day, I tell you.

Well, actually it did, as the old one had developed a fatal crack in its ice-scraping blade. Made for interesting effects on the windshield.

It was so dry last night in the extreme cold, that there was barely even frost on Harriet's windows this morning.

Time to go unlock the big front doors here at MH & U. Good day, one and all, and plenty of Advent joy.

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Jim said...

Glad that Harriet is running well. The little red wagon rolled over a couple of times on Saturday. I'm okay, the Echo not so much.