Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ascension Sunday, and a new pulpit

The first Sunday in the “new” parish.  What a super set of lections for the beginning of an interim ministry – somebody has left, somebody has coming, but “in the meantime”???
We had a little fun drawing gentle unemphatic comparisons between the situation of the early church, choosing Matthias in the light of their need to furnish a complete witness to the resurrection, and St. Curious Too, forming a search committee to discern a new Rector.
The congregants were gracious enough to say they found it interesting and “NOT BORING AT ALL.”
And then we had good strong coffee and cookies and the last of Chase’s birthday cake which was decorated for him (he’s three) at yesterday’s session of “Messy Church”.  The theme for MC was Pentecost, heavy emphasis on wind (blow painting, with straws) and flames, hence frosting flames on Chase’s cake, I have probably ingested enough red food colouring to shorten my lifespan.
It was sheer perfection to make the drive this morning though – about 40 – 45 minutes each way if there are no traffic nonsenses, and there weren’t.  A little suburban traffic at this end, then great long stretches with no other vehicles in sight, and finally a flurry of industrial traffic: rig supply trucks loaded with clamp mechanisms for oil rigs, double-trailer heavy haulers laden with molten sulphur and other red-flagged substances.  Yes, friends, we’re ministering now in the petrochemical heartland!!! 
And tomorrow is a statutory holiday in the True North Strong and Free!

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