Saturday, May 19, 2012

The mysteries of malice...

Reflecting a little on the convolutions of the whole human condition thing, … (imagine what follows here with a faint French accent and a wisp of smoke from a Gitane.  Or not.  Your call.)
And more particularly on the operation of SPITE.
It seems that when we have, once, injured another person, and realize it -- there is instantly a very powerful impulse to repeat the injury, the insult, the offense, the assault upon dignity, self-esteem, confidence.
It is as if the spite or malice arises from the consciousness of our own bad or thoughtless action, rather than the reverse – despite all logic that would suggest the resentment comes first, then the action.
And perhaps when we have acted on this spiteful impulse, a handful of times, it becomes easier to say, “ X must be a bad person, because the thought of X displeases me.  X must have had it coming. 
“Quelle,” as they say, “dommage.”

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