Saturday, June 12, 2010

a beautiful morning

...and much too long since I've blogged.

Wrestling with a lot of stuff...changing roles, changing health, changing resources both internal and external.

Yesterday tho' was a good and active day; lively conversation over fruit/granola/yogurt breakfast with a senior colleague in ministry -- inspired to come home and find a granola recipe, I've got the yogurt on hand heaven knows.

Then an hour's leisurely stroll through the "Gallery district" peering through windows at paintings. I think it is time for me to buy a painting. A great big look-at-me painting for my livingroom. Possibly two of them.

Back in my car just as all the galleries and other retail outlets opened for the day's business, making it a very cheap outing!

Then home to check messages. E-conversation with Daughter Unit. Lunch appointment. Drive over and park behind St. Curious and then walk VERY BRISKLY for fifteen minutes to rendez-vous with DU for delicious lunch and more good conversation.

Back to St. Curious and check-in with Fab Rector...and then drive purposefully to appointment with Siggy. Good unpacking of the month's doings. It's a place to celebrate things like feeling at home, feeling recognized, feeling welcome, feeling valuable.

Out of my appointment and the brave decision to trek out to Major Nursery and Greenhouse in search of the Hardy Canadian Rose.

Not sure what word fits here...hejira? long march? death march? Every single route between point A and point B is confounded with major road construction...and it's 4 p.m. Friday afternoon so everybody in the greater metropolitan area wants to be somewhere other than where they are. Whee!

Arrived. Parked. Walked the displays of annuals, perennials, indoors plants. Found a map, got re-oriented, and found the roses. Oh. My.

Bought a fine specimen of "Hope for Humanity" with the assistance of a salesperson who was heart and soul into the project. I am going back with $$$ in hand to buy a SWACK of these sub-zero roses for my own yard, you betcha.

Dodged about like a snipe to avoid the worst of the fouled-up roads; home; put rose bush in a sheltered place.

Made a ham and avocado sandwich and a very long vodka/tonic and spiked the latter with homemade limoncello -- inhaled the whole menu and collapsed on the couch and slept like a dead thing.

And today is also a day! Beautiful sunshine and cloudless sky and just a little breeze. A genu-wine prairie-fine day.

Meantime the inner reflections go on -- gifts for ministry, leadership issues, the missional nature of the church, the authority of the text, the words, the language--languages--of Scripture, the transmissibility of faith. Or not.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

with thanks to W who recommended this scholar as a favourite of mutual friend N (to whom thanks also) -- and thanks be to God for all concerned!

Friday, June 4, 2010

still here!

One Pink Tulip!

No time -- but this appeared in my tulip bed this spring! more anon!!!