Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year, Happy Feast of Whoever It Is, oh, William Passavant? Nah, going with The Most Holy Name...

As a discipline, hello, I'm back.  We'll see what comes of this (and how long it might take).
What I have done today so far -- got up, made a mug of coffee, ran a bath, plugged in the car because I intend to drive out later and the temp is about -20 Celsius.  Checked for the newspaper which hasn't been delivered.  Also, made a list of what I want to GET TO today before I creep off to bed again at what will be, I hope, a decent hour.
I am getting my hair done;  I have to go to the Library, some out, some in.  Also to the bank to check balances and recent transactions; also to the post office to mail the last, almost, of the Seasonal Greetings; also purchase, at various places, candles, fertilizer for house plants, silver polish, impermeable bins for storing staple groceries, rum (or brandy), milk, bread, button thread to mend a braided rug, small gravel (about 200 lb, I think) for my sidewalks.  (GRUNDLING CRUNCHING SOUND ON SNOWY FRONT PORCH INDICATES ARRIVAL OF NEWSPAPER)
Upon returning home -- I need to parcel up half a dozen batches of  family letters for various recipients (purging my files), cousins, friends, children of long-ago bridesmaids now deceased; I need to read a lot of material on fundraising, call a meeting of a committee, negotiate tasks and timetables with a parish volunteer, invite another parishioner to stand for office; write a dozen letters, some seasonal, some condolence; write in my journal; set a batch of yogurt, do something creative with sourdough, also with cranberries, assemble manicotti in some quantity; set up my prayer/Bible station, set up my health journal, prayer journal, reading journal; vacuum the main floor thoroughly; feed the cat, refresh the litter box.
I need to finish reading Martin Marty, The Mystery of the Child and make useful reading notes on it.

Clear the dining room table (AGAIN), clear my desk, clear the end table next to the rocking-chair, purge the vegetable bins in the fridge

Work through two or three chapters in my Italian textbook, doing all the exercises and writing out the paradigms.

Also blog.

And thus, the Retired Life.

But I have now blogged!