Wednesday, May 14, 2008

goodness of God, continued

A beautiful sunny day, and some of my more pressing obligations today have receded -- others have been MET, good grief, mustn't make a habit of THIS...

The Invaluable Secketry-Person dove into her big cabinet this morning and produced sought-after files, ka-boom. We are wrestling two or three different and separate bureaucracies about funding for our new furnaces/boilers. Thanks be to God in fifteen different positions for my Wardens -- GREAT meeting last night...sorting PAPER and clarifying information and arranging SEQUENCES...the project was threatening to be one that would never get done because nothing could be done until something else had been done? You know the kind I mean? A process designed by Escher, I think. Or the man Moebius. He of the Strip.

But we all came away in good spirits with well-defined tasks and I am getting mine DONE.

And then I had a drop-in visit from Military Parishioner, a doctor home on leave from Kandahar where he works at the Canadian base hospital. Precious time. Dr. Soldier, and his Gorgeous Wife, and their two great strapping affable teen-aged sons, are the kind of family we all DREAM about having in our parishes. Talk about Moral Influence, hoo boy... Please keep them in your prayers. He returns to Afghanistan next weekend for another 3.5 months, and the separation is hard on all of them.

I am going to sneak out and find some lunch at this point. Then hard at it again all afternoon and into the evening.

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Annie's Mom said...

(o) Goodness of God, indeed...