Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We woke up this morning to the rumble of thunder, not so usual at that time of day. It has been raining steadily since first light.

Lunch out with friends yesterday, a treat...and a minimum of ecclesiology involved!

Letters to write...proper pen'n'paper letters to write...and phone calls to return.

Question arose in recent conversation re: the place of etiquette in clergy formation. I mean the basic, "this is a knife, and this is a fork, take one in each hand" kind of stuff; "this is a parishioner approaching the front door of the Rectory; and this is what you say when you open the door."

The question arose in terms of different generational preparednesses for the day-to-day stuff of parish ministry...and how the gaps, where they appear, are or are not dealt with in seminary, in internships...

What's your experience? What's your thinking?

(My interlocutor and I also talked about professional self-presentation in terms of garb and grooming; the things that people need to be told...and sometimes aren't...)


Jim said...

Years ago, there was a professor at Emmanuel College (Toronto) who would arrive at one first year lecture a year with a small suitcase.

He would draw all the blinds, open the suitcase and proceed to teach all and sundry . . . table manners.

It was a very good idea.

Crimson Rambler said...

well exactly. But the mode at the moment seems to be to scorn all such "re-feen-ments" as somehow indicative of an imperfect love of the Lord, or something.

mibi52/ The Rev. Dr. Mary Brennan Thorpe said...

As a midlife seminarian, I am sometimes a bit dismayed by what I see the younger colleagues doing/wearing/saying. No one seems to say anything to them. They seem to get jobs. I don't hear of any of them getting any flack because of it. Perhaps their "cuteness" gets them a bye.

Ah, well, if their mothers didn't teach them, I don't feel a huge obligation.

One of the young'uns who had clean but somewhat ratty looking long, long (to his behind) hair did actually cut it short prior to beginning CPE at a home for the elderly. I suspect the supervisor strongly suggested it as a courtesy to the elderly residents. I'm hoping he won't grow it back after this summer, but maybe I'm focusing on the wrong things...

On the other hand, I've received comments on wearing open toed dress shoes with manicured toenails peeping out. This in the midst of 98 degree F weather.

I suppose I should be grateful no one comments on my width.

Crimson Rambler said...

mibi, I'm just glad if they don't comment on my width to my face...