Thursday, October 30, 2008

somethings to think about

A tip of the hat to friend Steve who shared the link to a recent interview with Rowan Williams about Dostoevsky, and other things.

Our Wonder Secketry is away today and I am all hands plus the ship's cat...Thursday must be the peak day of the week for phone calls! "How are our refugee family?" "What do we need to bring to the baptismal rehearsal?" "What's the date for our cabaret and silent auction?" "Can our group rehearse downstairs this Sunday afternoon?" "Can the Youth Co-op hold their Christmas Dinner Collective Kitchen on December 12?" "Where's the big display board for our Marriage Preparation Course?" "How do I do the Prayers of the People at a baptism, where do I put the prayers-for-the-church and the prayers-for-the-sick?" "Will somebody be there in 20 minutes if I come to put up posters for my recital?"

"Somebody" has been here for a long sequence of 20 minuteses, and is now going to go and find LUNCH.

And how 'bout them Phillies. Not my first choice favourites, but hey! their socks are the right colour at least.


Jim said...

I think your link to the Telegraph article went a little wonky. I was able to cut, paste and adjust, though, and the article is very interesting.

I'm partial to the old Druid, myself.

The correct link would be:

Crimson Rambler said...

too many http in the original link. thanks for the tip!
and you are well, I hope?

Jim said...

I am!

I'm also in Belgrade, for the second time in a month.

The joke among my Friends with Good Haircuts is "They keep sending him to Belgrade . . . but he keeps coming back."

Crimson Rambler said...

good heavens, you'll be an honorary Serb...