Tuesday, August 4, 2009

back at my desk.

"Adelaide Hoodless" her own self.

I can't decide what to turn my hand to this morning.

Came into the office in good time and had a lengthy consult with the team of senior gentlemen now engaged in hanging the new presence lamp in the sanctuary. Preliminary efforts have resulted in the (probably inevitable) shattering of the red glass 'chimney.' No injuries, thank goodness. Thoughtful looks on all faces, and a decision to swing by the church-supply store, "and maybe actually we should pick up a COUPLE of them, just in case."

The women's auxiliary of the senior gentlemen is increasingly anxious to have this installation completed. The nightly spousal tossing and turning is getting old, they report.

Some emails, some face to face consulting with other folks, some phone calls.

Discussion with our garden-maven volunteer lady about a suitable Farewell Gift to MH & U on the part of the Rambler. We are actively considering the array of Hardy Canadian roses...a beautification and a security measure all in one, as the police never tire of telling us, "No perp can possibly lurk IN a rose-bush. CAN'T be done..."

And we have a stretch of ancient brick wall with good sun-exposure that could probably be an appropriate backdrop for a nice row of, say, the Canadian Explorer series of hardy roses...in a range of colours (see above, e.g.) other than the Lowest Common Denominator Pink that seems to prevail elsewhere.

Speaking of colours: it has seemed for some years now that cars -- at least as they are marketed hereabouts -- come in a most restricted palette: black, white, dirt, dun, and duct-tape grey. This, at length, oppresses the Rambler's spirits. So it is a pleasure to see what appears to be a general intensification of HUE...we've always had a certain amount of red, but I see more and more taxi-yellow cars, quite a lot of electric-blue...it's not enough to keep the mind alive, granted, but it furnishes amusement at stoplights.


Song in my Heart said...

I know the pink is quite common but I choose roses, not by the flower colour, but by hip edibility (and to an extent, whether the hips retain their colour in winter, when there is SO much grey about).

Crimson Rambler said...

as the good people of the order of Sant'Egidio are fond of saying, "ABBASSO IL GRIGIO!!!"
If you google "Hardy Canadian roses" you can see some that are quite stunning...even one that is the shades of a Peace rose!

Annie's Mom said...

Adelaide Hoodless sounds like a character from a Jane Austen novel.

Crimson Rambler said...

No, I think from a later period -- maybe George Eliot. I don't think Adelaide became a fashionable name in England for another generation -- there was a "Queen Adelaide" imported from Germany and I think that was the first appearance of the name in English families. I could, unlikely as it seems, be wrong...