Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In case you're not aware, that header represents "screaming like a little girl."

I've been growing increasingly impatient with DITHER as a Life Principle, also its close relative, Shilly-Shally, and everything came to a head yesterday morning...soooo...I emailed the proprietrix of the kennel whence come the Gordon Setters.
Actually it was--I think--the recklessness of a fellow RevGal in posting up a pic of a Bernese Mountain pup. With bed-head. TOO MUCH TO BEAR, friends.

So after months of drooling over the kennel website, and boring all my acquaintances pallid with switherings and ditherings about Gordon Setters, I emailed the Kennel Goddess.

And she answered me. (Reprise on the screaming, above)

And this very evening, I am going to a hitherto unknown place to observe agility classes. With Gordon Setters. Being agile, presumably.

Thing is: I've never had a dog, not ever, not even a little negligible penwiper dog. I've always wanted a dog. Always. A big dog. Preferably a setter. And Irishes, although lovely beyond words, are, well, differently clued, right?

Hence, the Gordons. Big ol' black'n'tan dog. Yup. With a gentle expression in its eyes, says so, right here in the book. Kind of a dog-a-logue book, it is.

My boss, Fabrector, has lent me the Monks of New Skete book on puppy raising. Fabrector has a big ol' dog of her own, and he is trained to a HAIR and is all "Ma'am yes ma'am"...a great encouragement to dog ownership for the timid. Yesterday morning he went out of is way to demonstrate to me what a Good Thing it would be, for me to have one of my own. There was affectionate leaning on, there was affectionate cuddling, there were dog kisses, there was chin-on-your-knee with upturned-adoring-gaze. I would think he had hacked into my email...

I'll keep you posted. (for "psoted," read "bored...")


Diane M. Roth said...

oh, please do keep us posted! Scout was our first dog, you know. We were absolutely neophyte dog owners when we got her. (well, I had a dog as a teenager, but I did not so much to train him, and he was a small dog.)

happy hunting!

Terri said...

dog training is really human training to be consistent, patient, and diligent in our expectations and love of dogs.

And, while I too love Irish setters I would not own one - they are indeed "other-clued"

But this one looks adorable - I hope you decide to bond with one and then go get yourself some puppy training and dog training so you can fully enjoy your relationship.

Jan said...

Is this yours? So cute!

Crimson Rambler said...

not mine yet, Jan, but "the prototype" that I am hoping to meet, soon...

Jim said...

You will love it! I did not have a dog until I was nearly fifty. We are physically and emotionally evolved to live with them. I cannot imagine life without my little, blonde princess.

Evelyn said...

Ah, I do hope you enjoy the experience of having your very own dog! Please DO keep us posted!

MaineCelt said...

When my parents were living in the U.K. for my father's job, one of my sisters was terribly shy and homesick. My parents decided to get her a dog. Bracken, the Gordon Setter she chose, was exactly the right combination of silly, sweet, intelligent, gangly and adorable.
Fast forward several years--my sister is a confident young woman living on her own in the city and my mother has acquired not one, but TWO Gordon Setters to fill her heart and her days. She loves their expressions, their antics, and their attentiveness. I hope you will too!