Friday, March 4, 2011

This picture was not taken in any part of the Rambler's home-an'-native-land, alas.

HOME this afternoon just before 5 pm, from BE 4.0. Traveling Mercy and I arrived in the OTHER Prairie Metropolis last night later than I like to remember--delays multiplied by other delays. It had warmed up tremendously since our last report on the inter-webs. And was now merely STINKING COLD.

Sad to report that the anonymous chain motel fell somewhat short of the standard to which we instantly became accustomed last week. No towel animals, no chocolate mints. Not a clue, I am sure, of what to do with a napkin...

But tra la, Friend who custoded Harriet-the-chariot during our absence arrived this morning bearing our abandoned COATSES and BOOTSES and we went away and had a mildly riotous and plenteous breakfast in a funky neighbourhood diner. Enjoyed a modest serving of "Ay Ay Ay" on my so-called southwestern omelet (tapering off).

And we hit the trail home. Despite cold, and evidence of plentiful snowfall during our absence, highway was BARE AND DRY all the way to Prairie Metropolis, and traffic manageable.

Now catching up with y'all as you report in... and keeping you in mind during "re-entry," always challenging.

What a happy time, what a blessing, what revelations, what "inspirations" (yes!); I am SO GLAD to have been there.

And now, the LAUNDRY.

Blessings. Love y'all.


Diane M. Roth said...

glad you had a good time!!!

and yes, don't we get accustomed to being pampered!

hassopheret said...

And the laundry fairies are on strike again! Thanks for stopping by Inscriptions. I look forward to visiting back and forth.

God_Guurrlll said...

It was a blessing to meet you. Thanks for all the good times, good conversations and great laughs.

revkjarla said...

Where do I find a laundry fairy???