Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday.

Ok, here we go. Lent again. And part of the discipline I'm contemplating is a blog-post every flippin' day. Including Sundays.

What else is on the list? MEATLESS every day but Sundays (fish yes, eggs yes, cheese yes, milk etc. yes...). And not only "meatless" but "just plain less." The Lenten aspect of this is that I spend too much time thinking about what I'm going to eat next. It's out of proportion.

Also -- because it's becoming all too easy just to be all-by-myself-in-my-house -- every single day I have to go out of my house at some point. And I have to speak aloud to an actual human being, every day.

The other biggie is an anti-procrastination resolve. This involves catching myself thinking, "But I don' wanna...." and DOING whatever it is, immediately...paying bills, returning phone calls, answering letters, making visits, making decisions about other kinds of mail.

And limiting the electronics. And going to bed betimes. Those two go hand in hand.

Have a holy and blessed one, friends.

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