Thursday, January 24, 2019

Emerging from the mist...

Like the well-remembered Grendel’s mother—make that “Grandmother”—to confront (yet again) the Four Horsemen of the (domestic) Apocalypse.  Pictured above.  This morning, I think, they personify “Dirty, Dark, Dilapidated, and Deferred.”  The secret here is to set limited goals, limited goals, for the day ahead.  About four tasks—putting together a cleaning kit I can carry from room to room; running amok from front door to back door with one or more vacuum cleaners (NOT simultaneously, picturesque though that might be.  Also loud); three quart-jar salads for lunches through the remainder of the week.
One foray into the community to bank and library and pharmacy—and any other energy that appears, undesignated, goes into correspondence.
OK, here we go — let’er rip!

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