Monday, February 18, 2008

The Monday routine

...which is an oxymoron, there is NO routine. But it has been a busy day; working on my monthly report for tonight's Vestry meeting, dealing with the backlog of e-mails, responding to phone calls, and making a home communion visit just now to a, shall we say, challenging parishioner. But it went well. I was able to share "parish news" with her that she did not remember hearing from her Usual my stock may have risen slightly.
Now some meetings to timetable (NOT my favourite chore), some more writing to do toward tonight's meeting..ensuring that the meeting room is ready with all the materials laid out clearly.
There are plenty of small bean-spooning chores to do between moments of breakthrough as well!
Yesterday was delightful...a very special concert mid-afternoon...Telemann, Bach's Cantata #4 -- "Christ Lag in Todesbanden" -- and finally a sizzling performance of Handel's "Dixit Dominus." It hasn't been easy to come back down to earth!

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Kathryn said...

oooh...all those Baroque delights. I'm very envious
(I'm also still giggling gently about your suggesting over at mine that ++Carey might take a Lenten vow of abstinence from speaking to the press...LOVE it!)
Well done on your productive day...mine was very much the reverse, I fear