Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Midweek again. Accomplished heaps of things yesterday. The Monday that started in such a leisurely fashion ended with a three-and-a-half-hour meeting of Vestry, about two hours of that was working through three complicated issues with the members of the Fabric Committee (fancy Anglican way of talking about -- the building!).

1. We have to replace two worn-out (and highly inefficient) boilers--very expensive, and time presses, lots of procedural things that need to be done RIGHT NOW if the new machinery is to be working before next winter moves in on us.
2. And the Committee presented us with a great long lovely unsorted list of "jobbies" of various scope, that might/could/ought to be done sometime in the next decade.
3. And then we got into the pros and cons of shedding our current cleaning contractor and replacing him with another.

And then we had all the rest of the agenda.

I didn't get home until midnight-plus. I felt like Mammy Yokum (if anybody left alive remembers her) after she had put the Triple Whammy on somebody: "Jes' roll me in the corner, an' throw an ol' gunny-sack over me..."

Yesterday -- riding on the Productive Tuesday Vibe! managed to type up all my notes from Monday night's meeting and do at least the first stage on everything on that list...sent off a bushel of emails to other folks, saying, "please comment on the attached and reply".
And then I had a long meeting with the TV production people about the when, and how long, of their shoot here. We'd had some debate internally about how much we might ask of them. I had decided to be Wildly Aggressive and ask for about twice as much as we hoped to earn (those boilers, y'know).

Now this proves you never know what skills you are going to be thankful for. The Rambler can read upside down. I could see the budgeted amount written in the producer's I kept my Big Bazoo shut, for once, and just let him offer it, as it was a good 20% higher than the Outrageous Highway Robbery I was about to propose.

So when we've concluded our business with these folks, we should be 10% on our way to our heating-system goal. This is such a help. Also my stock is very high at this moment with the Grandpas on the Fabric Committee--that doesn't hurt either!

And then I went and had an Easter communion service with about 15 folks in an auxiliary hospital.

Finally, it being Tuesday, there was Bible Study last night, Matthew 16: one participant who doesn't speak at all, and one who talks wildly and at random about anything and everything, relevant or not. Bit of a challenge, paedagogically speaking. Fortunately I'd had time to stop at the adjacent Temple of Teutonic Cookery and get well ballasted with Weisswurst and Kartoffelsalat on my way back from the hospital!

Peer group session this afternoon -- then home and HOUSECLEANING and TEA with the Daughter Unit! I have to set up my sewing machine soon too; I think that double-fold bias binding is the way to deal with the frayed collar and sleeves of my alb...stopped at a fabric store and got the wherewithal yesterday.

In the interstices I reflect, "They're all about to go on That Boat...'ceptin' ME...'tain't no ways FAIR...snif" -- never mind, we RISE ABOVE. Bon voyage, everybody. Calm seas. Good rest. "Clergy wellness" in abundance.


I'm Still Me said...

Today I was at Home Depot looking at seeds and I saw ones called Crimson Rambler. I'm sure you already know there are flowers called that, but I just smiled at the thought!

Josephine- said...

I'm not boat bound either. They better take lots of pics is all I can say...

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Holy Smokes! You aren't slowing down yet, are you?

Look out, you may collapse on the floor. And I do remember Mammy Yokum.

For what it is worth, I am having a major pity party that I am not heading off on the cruise either.

I am sick of work, sick of snow, sick of this cold, sick of being broke, sick of....oh never


Jan said...

Busy, busy, busy! With the dead animal in our attic, I am avoiding the main living area and have started reading a book about a long-imprisoned Tibetan monk by the Chinese.

Kate Morningstar said...

Holy mackerel, Rambler!! A Vestry meeting on Easter Monday? ANY church meeting on Easter Monday? What happened to your annual Clergy-Lie-in-Bed-Late-and-Recover-from-Holy-Week Day?

Thanks for stopping in at the Chronicles -- nice to meet you. I'll keep checking in -- at the little parish where I'm the secretary and Div Student, it's the roof, a wall, and the basement floor. We've got a lovely furnace, and AC.

Crimson Rambler said...

Hello all!
"me" -- the Crimson Ramblers I know are roses -- what like of flowers did you find seeds for? I might have to find some for my own Unpleasaunce...
"owl" -- Awwww babe. allow me to pass you a cyber-Kleenex. (((((((((owl)))))
"jan" -- I do not like the thought of that Dead Thing in your attic...hope your reading matter helps you cope with the Great Pong...
"kate" floor...oh-oh. None of this is good. But I'm glad furnace and A/C (envy!) are in order!

spookyrach said...

stocks up with the Grandpas? Yep, that's impressive.

Jan said...


Thanks for coming by.

Diane M. Roth said...

I remember Mammy Yoakum too. don't tell anyone.

You AREN'T slowing doing, are you? come on, it's after Easter.

I know. me neither

Kate Morningstar said...

CR -- my prayers are with you.

Terri said...

Wow, indeed...