Monday, March 21, 2011

an enquiry

Dear all,

I am wondering whether there are any plans or proto-plans just yet for a RGBP meet-up at the Festival of Homies?

No, alas, the Rambler is not going to make it to fact if I mention travel at all, FabRector looks menacingly at me. I have visions of her nailing my shoes to the floor. Or one of them, so I can only go 'round in circles. A liturgical innovation...

But one of our gals in this neck of the woods, not yet a RevGal, is planning to go, and it would be nice if she found some RevGal hospitality there, I think, upon arrival.

Let me know, if you don't mind, what if anything is up with this.


Terri said...

I beleive this event takes place in the month of May...and as I will literally just be settling in to a new call I will not be going. However both RevDrKate and Diane both live near where the event will take place - or at least Kate lives in the same state...Diane lives neaby.

Crimson Rambler said...

thanks, Terri. It's toward the end of May, I believe.

Rev.OBresky said...

festival of homies is may 16 - 21. I'll be there. Email me and I'd be happy to meet up with your friend to extend some hospitality. Also Inner Dorothy will be there and she's a Canadian bringing some of her Canadian colleagues.