Sunday, August 28, 2011

The day after...

Home and having a Sunday "off"... unpacking, laundering, washing, throwing out, putting away... about to embark on the baking of a CAKE for family dinner tonight.

It was a great holiday. The return drive went smoothly; I took more breaks than I have usually done, and stayed reasonably alert, but omigosh, ruler-straight four-lane divided highway is NOT a stimulating way to end a long day's drive. Going the other way is much more entertaining as the highway climbs through a series of increasingly thrilling mountain passes.

The car went well -- there wasn't an annoying amount of traffic despite the season -- only a couple of stops to accommodate road construction. Gasoline in the mountains is up to $5 a gallon. Gulp.

I have some ambitions for the next time I make that trip -- some walks/hikes I want to be able to take, so there's some fitness preparation to be done over the winter.

And I think next time I will book the all-day Kootenay River raft trip too.

Meantime I need to do some map-work...and maybe invest in some of the large-scale topographical maps.

Pictures, soon.

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Common Household Mom said...

It's good to read about a vacation trip. I have a drive to make later on this month that I am not looking forward to - a 350 mile drive that I have to do by myself, in order to visit an ailing relative. I'm used to having someone else to help with the driving, but won't have it this time.

Thanks for this reminder to take plenty of breaks on the way, and to make a CAKE when I get back. And thanks also for commenting on my blog.