Monday, January 2, 2012

Productive Tuesday!

and the evening and the morning were the SECOND day.

Arranged to meet a good friend for breakfast this morning and after pursuing breakfast around Prairie Metropolis for an hour we gave up and came back to Tether's End and made do with what was on hand here...and conversed for the rest of the morning, which was delightful.

Lots of chores yet to do this evening, the couch ate me this afternoon while my attention was diverted. It's in cahoots with the cat. She got up and sat on me, most unfairly, and gave off sleep-waves all afternoon.

I have embarked on a Daring New Project -- I am reading the Bible. According to the tiny-print tables and charts in the front of the Canadian Book of Common Prayer, 1959 edition. Fortunately, I have a couple of those nice little bookmark magnifiers as supplied by the Canadian Bible Society. Timing the Evening Prayer stint is trickier than timing Morning Prayer (of course). So I have at hand my white leatherette zippered-up KJV that my aunt and uncle gave me for my 15th birthday (about the time of my confirmation -- first time around!), and the white leather BCP with hymn book that my soon-to-be in-laws gave me for my confirmation (SECOND time around!) when I was 21... and I think I am going to enjoy this. Just reading it for nourishment, not for study, not for sermonizing, just reading, laying one piece alongside another and watching for sparks to fly.

Because I am thinking it is about time for my personal theology to undergo spring cleaning and/or extensive renovations. Along with my abode and my own somewhat road-weary personal chassis!

This evening: laundry; and correspondence; kitchen-tidying; journal-time; and perhaps one other small, discrete, do-able tidying project somewhere in the house. Supper's over; time to get at it.


revkjarla said...

I set out to read the Bible last year, but it was this snazzy online tracking thing, and it kept dogging me when I fell behind.

I like the image of you with your gift bibles and just picking them up where you are.

My cats are to blame for most of my naps, too.

Happy New Year!

Tim Chesterton said...

Really enjoyed my read-through of the KJV last year. I know you will too!

Crimson Rambler said...

and the BCP Psalter (Coverdale?) is just a wonder. None of this, "Arise, O God, if it's perfectly convenient" stuff. Nope. "UP, Lord!" he says. when did any of us last pray, "UP" ????

And then gems like, "Be not wroth, O Lord, very sore..."

Tim Chesterton said...

The thing I don't like about the 1959 BCP Psalter is that it has cut out some of the hard-to-take verses and then re-numbered the rest so that you don't notice.

Crimson Rambler said...

yes, that's "dirty pool" in my book also.