Tuesday, January 3, 2012

working it

all right, on we go.

up early and got a few things done, like ordering a prescription refill, and organizing my grocery list (first Tuesday is 10% discount day)...Went to three different banks, went to the post office to send a parcel to Number One Son.
Went to two different supermarkets and laid in STAPLES. I have plenty of meat and the ilk; I will get my produce as it's needed from my beloved local market, cheap-cheap; but I bought flour, and sugar, and oil, and cat food (two kinds, dry and squshy), cat litter, cans of fruit juice and tomato juice. Next month I'll hit cleaning supplies.

As it was I spent about $200 with good discounts and some additional bargains. So then I took myself out for a late lunch -- pasta shells with a ricotta spinach filling and a rose sauce.

Home again and a bit of correspondence and some pastoral phone calls and emails. And a little quiet nap in my rocking chair, with COL (Cat On Lap).

Then I spent a fair while cudgelling my brains to remember the name, "Louis Weil" -- and to find his article on the sacrament of baptism (ATR, Spring 2010).

The laundry is in its last load, I've done a bit of mending, time for evening prayer and so to bed.

Tomorrow, VISITS. Some serious contemplation on Epiphany.


Terri said...

I haven't read ATR for years....I bet the Louis Weil article was good!

Crimson Rambler said...

it was, and quite funny also -- he was advocating for a more lavish over-the-top way of performing the sacraments,with baptism as his example, talking about the baptistery of St. John Lateran in Rome, this HUGE ancient room, formerly FILLED with water; in the midst of it now, a kind of mediaeval Roman bathtub; across the tub a plank, and on the plank a rather small bowl. The history of baptism, right there.

revkjarla said...

Cudgelling your brains? I hope your head is o.k.......;-)