Thursday, February 14, 2008

the Book Meme, finally

With thanks to Mompriest and others who kept tagging me for this:

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more.

OK: it's Good News: The Best Religion Writing in North America edited by Debra A. Wagner and published by Seabury in New York.

Find page 123:

Right, this is in an essay called "'King of Pop' More Like a 'God'" by David W. Reid, reprinted from Vital Theology.

Find the first 5 sentences. OK, done that!

Post the next three sentences. Here we go.

"'For somebody who has no limits, who is unwilling to hear the counsel of others where there ought to be boundaries and limits in life, all kinds of sexual transgressions become possible,' he said.
Indeed, sexual activity was evidence of the power of ancient gods. Such gods were unfaithful to their wives when married, came down to earth to have sex with mortals, crossed over traditional boundaries about available sex partners, and proved their godliness by suffering no consequences."

Tag five people. OK...I tag...
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I hope I haven't tagged anybody who's played already!!! Enjoy!!


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Fun to read. Thanks.

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What a book...yet ANOTHER one I may have to buy (but not before I move)...

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