Tuesday, September 2, 2008

all righty then

A very therapeutic Monday I spent...

Nearly all of it recumbent, either [re]reading Julia Spencer Fleming or watching NCIS, or sometimes in my ambitious moments, both.

Ready for the new week, and greatly relishing all the very good things that have happened amid the chaos and Anfechtungen of the last week.

Appearances on Sunday by a) clergy colleagues on vacation; and b) adult children of clergy colleagues...I find that so affirming...especially a comment by the latter..."Oh wow, as soon as Dad retires, we'll be here full-time; and we're bringing Dad, too..."

Dear good thirty-year friends are coming by in half an hour to take me for lunch also.

And thank YOU to the Gals'n'Pals for all the "stren'thening remarks" you posted on the blog since Saturday. I do feel greatly "stren'thened."

Discouragement is of the devil, always, and without exception -- right?


Annie's Mom said...

That's absolutely correct!

spookyrach said...

Hmm... you're the second person in so many weeks who has mentioned reeeeally liking NCIS. I may have to indulge.

Mavis said...

Sounds a really good day. Glad to read about it.

Julie said...

That sounds like a perfect day! I'm glad you got the soul and body nourishment you needed. :)