Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The up, the down, and the circular...

Arrived at church this morning in a clatter of conversations going in different directions..."artiste" departing after an early morning appearance on Breakfast TV; retired bishop waiting out his regular car-maintenance appointment...phones ringing, and so forth.

The Wonder Secketry is still on post-op rest at home.

And I am saying "Yes" and "Hello" and "Good Morning" and "don't mention it" and "that's nice" and "oh good" and "thank you so much" and "not at all" and "you're welcome" and "take care" in all directions, and I hear....


and I think -- "pager -- that's its 'you haven't looked at me yet' peep -- but when did it go off? I didn't hear it..."

And then.... I try to find it. Into the handbag, grope grope fumble, unzip all the little pockets. No pager.


Turn handbag upside down, everything falls out except...a pager.


Aha, turn to book-tote, fumble grope fumble, snatch out several overfull file folders, scrabble scrabble: nothing.


Fling down book-tote in disgust and commence digging like a badger in the midden of papers on my desk. Slam hand, palm down, on several suspiciously bulging "dunes" of odd bits of stuff. Nada.


Pause to catch breath and take thought. Check voice-mail box, retrieve pager message, and deal with it.


Allow brain to re-settle on its base-plate, and pick up phone, page self. (The problem was that the single "peep" didn't give me enough time to home in on where it was coming from.)

Sure enough -- pager uttered its full jolly yodel, AHA! Found you, you little....

Not enough to keep the mind alive, is it?


Towanda said...

I was sure it was gonna be right under your hand...

Crimson Rambler said...

It had escaped from the handbag in the Deep Secret Drawer where the handbag now lives during the day...and had lain there all night!

mibi52/ The Rev. Dr. Mary Brennan Thorpe said...

Laughed madly!